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Gasket Materials

At American Seal and Packing we provide a full range of Gaskets Materials to meet your specifications. Our gasket materials include quality brands including Garlock, AS&P, Thermoseal, FMI and Teadit.
Gasket Materials
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Gasket Material
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Gasket Material
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Gasket Material
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Gasket Materials

A gasket material is an intermediate component which can be designed from a group of other materials or can be made as a compressible material which will be installed between two hard surfaces. The purpose of using this accessory is to prevent any type of leakage, be it gas, liquid or others that are being transferred in an industrial location.
In other words, they are widely known as gasket seals which are used as a security component to protect the industrial environment from immediate contamination when harmful liquid is being transferred. It provides any potential leak that might happen along the path and there are different types of material that are used to build a gasket.

Types of Gasket Material

There are variety of Gasket Material that are used to design a gasket but here are the four major ones that are used in every day industry purposes.

# Elastomeric material
# Fibrous material (non-Asbestos)
# Metallic & other materials
#Plymeric Materials (PTFE, EPTFE)
This the basic material that is used for making gaskets and elastomeric is a sheet sealing product which provides best results when used with fibers and fillers. The composition used to arrive at the desired results will vary based on the content. The gasket made using butyl and rubber is best fit for gas, mild acid and alkaline stuff. They are not suitable to transfer oil or fuels.

Other compositions that are used in making elastomer gaskets include fluoroelastomer (FKM), EPDM , neoprene, Nitrile (Buna-N), silicone and styrene butadiene among many others.

Fibrous Material Gasket

The commonly used Non-Asbestos filler materials are carbon fiber, aramid, glass, mineral fibers, Graphite, cellulose and artificially created mineral fibers.

Aramid- For a long time now, Aramid is being considered the most reliable material of all for manufacturing sealing flanges and they are so popular because of the fact that they can be used in a variety of applications. American Seal &Packings styles 660 & 880 are exceptional Aramid fiber based styles.

Asbestos – Is no longer used in the United States. Asbestos was an excellent filler for gasket material, and spiral wound gaskets, but has been found to be a carcinogenic. American Seal & Packing has never offered this product.

Cellulose is a natural fiber which is a good fit for medium pressure applications.

Glass which is an inorganic complex uses metal silicates and has high resistance even to extreme chemicals. The material suits medium and high pressure applications with fibers that do not fibrillate.

Flexible graphite Gasket Material – The most common trade name is Grafoil®. This exceptional sealing product is the most effective asbestos replacement. It's high temperature capability and chemical resistance allows it to be placed in most applications with just a few chemical exceptions like sulfuric and nucleic acid.

Metallic Material

A wide range of metallic materials are used to make gaskets and some of them are aluminum, copper, alloy variants including 800, 625 among others, titanium, and carbon steel besides various others. Spiral wound, metal jacketed gaskets, RTJ gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets all are made of metal.

Other Material

The commonly used other materials are Mica, flexible graphite, PTFE and Cork. All of them have high chemical resistance capacity and is resistive to high pressure liquid transfers. They avoid leakage efficiently. PTFE is the easiest to handle of them all which can be used to avoid prone and creep issues. The types of gaskets are varied as well including soft gaskets, metallic, non-metallic and semi-metallic.

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