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API RTJ Gaskets

API RTJ Gaskets These are one of the types of gaskets available which are briefly known as ring type joint gaskets that will be manufactured with API well head equipment. There are rubber coated variants as well as others available based on specifications.
API Ring Tool Joint (RTJ) gaskets.
Style R ring type joint gaskets are supplied in accordance with API 6A and ASME B 16.20, to suit our API 6B and ASME B 16.5 flanges
Style RX and SRX ring type joint gaskets are supplied in accordance with API 6A and ASME B 16.20 to suit our API 6A flanges.
Style BX and SBX ring type joint gaskets are supplied in accordance with API 6A. Style SBX and SRX RTJ gaskets are supplied in accordance with API 17D for use on Offshore Christmas trees and wellheads.

API RTJ Gasket

API RTJ Gaskets

Special materials that either conduct or shield electricity while still providing a sealing barrier. This will ensure that your gasket will meet and exceed your expectations. There are many types of conductive materials to choose, including both rubber and foam, which have all the normal sealing properties of traditional gasket materials. Most rubber EMI materials are a multi-material compound consisting of both rubber and conductive filler. When blended properly, these two materials provide both an excellent electric and environmental seal. These rubber EMI materials also provide more conductivity and corrosion resistance options because you can choose which filler material to use for your unique application. RTJ Gasket materials:
304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel
321 stainless steel
347 stainless steel
410 stainless steel
F-5 stainless steel
Soft iron 'D'
Hasteloy Inconel & Monel
RTJ ring type joint gasket sizes:
RX20 RX215 BX150 BX303 R11 R105 RTJ ring tool joint gasket styles:
R-Oval R-Octagonal BX RX Combination

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