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Durlon Gasket Material

We offer both Durlon Sheet Gasket material and Gaskets cut from Durlon Gasket Materials. Durlon is a product of Gasket Resources Inc, a US company. Durlon began Durabla's answer to the challenge of producing a quality non-asbestos sheet that would be able to replace the asbestos materials used in industry in the 1980's. The Durlon line has expanded to include over 12 styles of compressed non-asbestos, 6 styles of PTFE based sheets, 3 styles of Flexible Graphite based sheets, 3 styles of Mica based sheets, Multiple Viton Identiseal Gasket Materials, Spiral Wound Gaskets, corrugated Flexible Graphite gaskets and custom DurCore gaskets for problem applications. This gasket manufacture with very deep roots in American Industry, continues to offer quality solutions.

Durlon Sheet Gasket Materials

Durlon Gasket Material Gaskets

Durlon compressed non-asbestos is available with various binders (Nitrile, SBR, Neoprene, Multi blend)

Durlon 8300 (Black) Carbon/NBR Gasket Material
Durlon 8400 (Gold) Phenolic/NBR Gasket Materia
Durlon 8500 (Green) Aramid/NBR Gasket Material
Durlon 8600 (White) Aramid/SBR Gasket Material
Durlon 8700 (Blue) Aramid/Neoprene Gasket Material
Durlon 8900 (Black) Graphite/NBR Gasket Material
Durlon 7900 (Off White) Aramid/NBR Gasket Material
Durlon 7925 (Green) Aramid/NBR Gasket Material
Durlon 7950 (Blue) Aramid/NBR Gasket Material
Durlon 5000 (Light Green) Mineral Fibers/NBR Gasket Material
Durlon 5300 (Rust) Gasket Material
Durlon 7910 (White) NSF/ANSI Gasket Material
Durlon 7760 DuraSwell (Off White) Multi-Elastomer binder Gasket Material

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If you want the assurance of quality, Durlon is a top shelf product capable of sealing the toughest of gasketing applications. Durlon is an established brand accepted by major refineries, power generation, chemical plants, pulp and paper, steel mills, aerospace, automotive, etc. Gasket Resources Inc., manufactures gasket materials under the brand name "DURLON".
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