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FKM Rubber Sheet Gaskets

FKM gasket materials which are also known as Viton commonly is made using fluoro rubber. The base product is a single layer which uses fluoroelastomer material for construction and is used in sealing gas or relevant substances.

FKM Rubber Sheet Gasketing - This elastomer was designed in the late 1950's for the space program and today is widely used as a general purpose FKM offering excellent fluid resistance to automotive fuels & lubricants, as well as elevated service temperatures.

FKM Rubber Gasketing perfect for gasket cutting, flat seals, door seals, Industrial applications. Standards are in stock or custom manufactured to your specifications. FKM rubber is a high tech. elastomer designed for extreme heat, oil and chemical resistance. FKM rubberresists aliphalactic aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, concentrated acids, alkalis, animal and vegetable oils.

FKM Sheet Gasket

NBR Sheet Gasket Masterial

Restrictions: FKM rubber sheet is not generally resistant to ketones, low molecular weight esters (such as ethyl acetate), or nitro containing compounds. products are not usually serviceable below - 15 degrees F. Specifications: Temperature Limit: 350 F (constant) 400 F (intermittent) Pressure Limit: 800 lbs. @ 400 F Durometer Hardness: 72 Shore A, Tensile Strength: 1285 psi, Elongation: 286% Specific Gravity: 1.88, Finish: Matte, Press Cured

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