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Non-Asbestos Gasket Material

PTFE Sheet – The material offers the tightest sealing solution which can be used for the entire pH range and can be used with high temperature as well as cryogenic applications. Sheets are easy to cut into specific requirements.

Virgin PTFE Sheet Gasketing (2319 bytes) Manufactured from PTFE this sheet is ideal for a wide range of gasketing applications. Food, and Chemical applications are often sealed using PTFE. PTFE resin sheets are available in both Virgin, Mechanical and Expanded (EPTFE) grades.

PTFE is resistant to: acids, alkalis, solvents or corrosives
PTFE sheet gasket material comes in several forms. The first thing that must be determined is what type of PTFE gasket material your looking for. The first and most common form is a virgin PTFE gasket material. Virgin PTFE is specified for medical or electrical applications. Most applications however are not medical or electrical and can easily be satisfied with mechanical grade PTFE.
Mechanical grade PTFE is almost identical to Virgin and to the naked eye is very hard to differentiate. The difference is in mechanical grade reprocessed PTFE has been added. Generally a very small percentage of the material is reprocessed. The percentage will very however by manufacturer.


Virigin PTFE Gasket Masterial

TeflonŽ is a registered trademark of DuPont and is used in relation to products manufactured with Dupont's fluoropolymer resins.

What is PTFE?

Virigin PTFE Gasket Masterial

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), (DuPont's trademark of TeflonŽ) is a thermoplastic member of the fluoropolymer family of plastics. PTFE has a low coefficient of friction, excellent insulating properties, and is chemically inert to most substances. It also can withstand high heat applications and it is well know for its anti-stick properties.
Other trademarks, in addition to DuPont's trademark TeflonŽ, of PTFE resin and their manufacturer are:
FLUONŽ AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. (AGC). They have plants in the U.S., England, and Japan.
DYNEONŽ Dyneon, a 3M Company, produces PTFE resin in Gendorf, Germany. This plant has operated since 1964, founded by Hoechst AG and resin formerly trademarked as HOSTAFLONŽ.
POLYFLONŽ Daikin Industries Ltd. has been producing PTFE resin since the 1960's in Japan and since 1994 in the U.S as Daikin America Inc.
ALGOFLONŽ Solvay Solexis, formerly Ausimont, has plants in the U.S. and Italy. Ausimont was purchased by Solvay.

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