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Aflas Gaskets

The term Aflas Gaskets is a widely known trade name which refers to the combination of materials including fluorolastomer which is made using elastomer and TFE/P combination. It has high electrical resistivity, oil resistance as well as heat and chemical resistance.

Aflas O-Rings

We cut gaskets from Aflas sheet gasket material. Aflas is an elastomeric based flouorubber, a copolymer of tetrafluroethlene and propylene. This elastomer offers excellent chemical resistance qualities, with serviceability in the temperatures up to 550 degrees F depending on environment. Services where Aflas sheet might be applicable include inorganic acids, alkalis, high temperature steam, polar solvents, organic bases, hydrocarbon oils, amines and amine corrosion inhibitor systems, and hydrogen sulfide bearing fluids. Consult American Seal & Packing for your specific application. Gaskets cut from 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" Aflas Material.

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Aflas Gasket

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