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Buna Gaskets

We cut Buna Gaskets from any of the following Buna gasket materials. Buna is one of the most commonly used rubber gasket materials. Second only to SBR due to it's high use in automotive tires. Due to it's resistance to oils Buna-N (also refered to as Nitrle) is commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Nitrile (Buna-N)
Trade Names:
Chemigum Hycar (Zeo (Goodyear)n Chemical) Ny Syn (Copolymer) Paracril (Uniroyal) Krynac (Polysar) Perbunan (Mobay) The most widely used 0-Ring elastomer. Excellent resistance to petroleum products. Excellent compression set, tear and abrasion resistance. Does not have good resistance to ozone, sunlight, or weather, unless specifically compounded. Should not be stored in direct sunlight or near motors or other electrical equipment which may generate ozone. Temperature range: -40 to +250F.


Buna Gasket

STYLE 0726T - Buna-N 70 Durometer for Transformer Gaskets and Strip Especially selected for the fabrication of gaskets and strip for transformers. High resistance to transformer oils. Durometer 705.
Tensile strength 1500 PSI
Elongation 250%
Temperature range -30F to 250F


STYLE 0726H - Buna-N 90 Durometer Gaskets Good resistance to many oils and chemicals. Durometer 905: Tensile strength 1500 PSI.
Elongation 100%.
Temperature range -30Fto250F


STYLE 0726W - Buna-N White 50-65 Durometer Gaskets
Manufactured from FDA approved ingredients oil resistance to oily and greasy food products. Good resistance to abrasion. Non-toxic and non-marking.
Durometer 55+10/-S.
Tensile strength 1000 PSI
Elongation 400%
Temperature range -20 F to 200 F

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