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Corrugated Metal Gaskets

Corrugated metal gaskets have been proven to be both reliable and cost-effective for the application on flanges and heads where bolt loading is sufficient. They operation principle is based on different degrees of hardness of adjacent materials. The sealing effect is produced by the constant load to which a gasket is exposed. They are used in applications, which require mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, as well as temperature and corrosion resistivity. They can be classified into flat, serrated and corrugated types, and are particularly useful when compressibility is not a factor and where sufficient clamping force is available. Metal gaskets feature greater mechanical strength, better heat transfer and resistance to higher temperatures and pressures, and can offer advantages over the clad type gaskets in certain applications.

Metal Gaskets

Corrugated Metal Gaskets

Corrugated Metal Gaskets The corrugated metal graphite Gaskets are used with standard flange or heat exchanger applications. They are capable of withstanding harsh environments including those related to hydro carbon and steam transfers.

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