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Grafoil Gaskets

These are made from pure, natural graphite flake and is laminated using flexible grafoil material. The gaskets will have up to 98% graphite and contains adhesive bond. They are compatible with most chemical and gas industry usage.

Grafoil Gaskets

Grafoil Gaskets

GRAFOILŪ flexible graphite was the first fluid sealing material made exclusively from pure, natural graphite flake. Its resistance to heat, fire, corrosion and aggressive chemicals make it the most universally applicable sealing solution on the market today. Like no other , GRAFOIL products provide a tight seal after repeated exposure to the harshest environments.

> Grafoil is a product of Graftech Inc. GTB: GrafoilŪ homogeneous Standard Industrial Grade flexible graphite sheet with an oxidation/corrosion inhibitor and typically 98% carbon content. Its leachable Chloride content is less than 50 ppm. It is an ideal facing material for flat gaskets It contains no binders or resins.

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