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Silicone Gaskets

American Seal and Packing is a leading manufacturer of high quality silicone rubber gaskets, seals, and custom silicone products. Silicone Gaskets provides a high performance gaskets and sealing products, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and exceptional customer service.

Silicone Gasket

Silicone Gasket

Silicone molded and die cut gaskets remain functional within a temperature range of -67F to +400F, intermittent to +450F. The low temperature flexibility of silicone is unmatched by any other elastomer. Silicone gaskets are often chosen due to their excellent resistance to chemicals, water, fire, fungal growth, ozone, heat and aging. Silicone has outstanding tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and compression set. The versatility and long service life of silicone make it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Range of Silicone Gasket

We cut Silicone gaskets from a wide range of silicone including;
- Commercial Grade Silicone
- General purpose silicone
- FDA Silicone
- Fiberglass Reinforced Silicone
- Silicone Sponge
- Silicone Foam - Conductive Silicone
- Flourosilicone
- Coated Fabrics Silicone Sheet
- Medical Grade Silicone (health care grade)
- Extreme High Tear Silicone
- Extreme High Temperature Silicone
- Fabric Finish Silicone
- Flame Retardant Silicone

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