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Viton® Sheet Gasket Material

Viton® - The gaskets are made using fluoroelastomer materials and actually refer to the same products sold by DuPont Company. It is a commonly used name which refers to the product FKM and is used for Industrrial, Chemical and relatively high temperature gasket materials.

FKM materials (Viton® is a trademark) are often used in industrial pipe flanges, seals, o-rings, molded rubber parts, manway, and hand hole gaskets throughout industry. Because FKM / Viton® is good for temperatures to 400 F it is used in many high heat applications. It's also great for a very wide range of applications. Viton® also comes in multiple grades. The biggest factor in the variance of Viton® grades is the flourene content and cure method. FFKM commonly known as Kalrez is actually a high flourene content FKM material, that covers an even wider range of chemical ranges. The common grades are shown in the chart below. Viton® resists aliphalactic aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, concentrated acids, alkalis, animal and vegetable oils. Restrictions:

Restrictions : Viton® is not well resistant to ketones. Low molecular weight esters (such as ethyl acetate), or nitro containing compounds are poorly compatible with Viton. FKM is not recommended for temperatures below -15 degrees F. High Temperature specifications: Limit: 350 F (constant) 400 F (intermittent). The Pressure Limitation of 800 lbs. @ 400 F. Based on a Durometer Hardness: of 72.

What is FKM?

Viton Gasket Masterial

The ASTM designationis for Viton® is FKM. FKM is not a mark of quality because not all FKMs are equal. Always bare in mind any rubber compound including FKM is a blend of materials, not a homogeneous item. If you choose FKM we recommend 3M materials. Viton® however is a way to be sure of what you are getting is top shelf quality.

Viton FKM Sheet Gasket

Viton Gasket Masterial

Viton® means the part has been manufactured and distributed in accordance with DuPont Performance Elastomers' guidelines. Only parts made with 100% virgin Viton® as the sole elastomeric component are labeled with this seal.

To ensure that you always receive the highest quality FKM products available, insist on 100% virgin DuPont Performance Elastomers Viton® and look for the "Made With Genuine Viton® seal

There are different types of Viton. A good example of the differences can be viewed by examining the following chart

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